To read or reset the phone lock you will need an USB data cable which usually comes in a phone box.
For A697, A867, A877, A887, T469, T559, T749, T919, T929, S5230  you  need  the APCBS10UBE cable.
For A597, A667, A687, A817, A847, A897, A927, T359, T479, T669 and Android models use micro USB cable
Also, you can buy it from Amazon, eBay or NewEgg for a couple of bucks.

Second thing you need are proper drivers. You can download them from here Phone USB Driver
for Samsung A817 and T528G models you have to download this special driver too. A817 Driver
In order the program to run Microsoft .NET framework is required Microsoft .NET framework 4
Sometimes, depending from the phone settings Windows can ask you about Qualcomm driver
It is strongly recommended to uninstall previous Samsung drivers. Do not connect your phone, if you did not install drivers.
Please install drivers FIRST then connect the phone, reboot a computer if needed.

Depending from user settings basic Samsung cellphones can be in the one of two modes, modem mode or media card mode.
If it is in the modem mode you can read the password without losing any data through detector client,
but if phone is in media card mode or bluetooth is active you can remove the password by flashing a special file with removers
in the download mode. It will lead to COMPLETE WIPING ALL USER DATA.

You can check which mode has your phone in two easy ways.

Connect your phone to the computer and check a COM port number. You can do it by right clicking on
My Computer>Properties>Hardware>Device Manager>Modems>SAMSUNG Mobile Modem
Double click on it and choose Modem tab, you should see the COM port number.

Download free phone detector client
Pick the COM port and press Search. If you can see your Model and Serial # it means
your phone in the modem mode and you can read the password safely without losing any data.

If detector client cannot detect the phone and you cannot find "SAMSUNG Mobile Modem" in the device manager,
it means the bluetooth or media card mode is activated.
Don't worry we have solution for this case too. With a help of special file we can reset phone lock.
The sad thing it will lead to COMPLETE WIPING ALL USER DATA.
But after this procedure you will have a 100% READY TO USE PHONE WITHOUT PASSWORD REQUEST!

Make sure the battery is fully charged , turn your phone off,  Press "Volume Down" + "Camera" + "Power On" keys simultaneously,
it should enter download mode. Connect your "undetectable" phone to the computer, a new device should be found
"SAMSUNG Mobile Modem Diagnostic Serial Port(WDM)". Check it in the Device Manager/Ports tab.
Run Password Remover for your model and press "Phone Search" button it should autodetect port number and your phone.
Press "Load File" and open provided file. Press "Reset My Lock" button and wait until uploading operation to complete!
After uploading, dial *2767*3855#  to perform a factory reset.                 Instructions                 Video Proof                 Purchase                 Terms & Conditions